Let’s Savasana Our Way Into 2021

JAN 06 | 21

Let’s Savasana Our Way Into 2021 -

Yoga Retreats That’ll Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul Of 2020


HELLO 2021- GOODBYE 2020 (and good riddance)!




To say 2020 was soul crush-ing would be an understatement, so let’s take in this exciting new one like a breath of fresh air and rejuvenate ourselves through Sankalpa. Yogi’s out there may have heard of this concept (non-yogis out there- time to get with the program). Sankalpa is the idea of creating the life we are supposed to lead and avoid a life without authenticity. Sounds good right? I mean, we all usually make our resolutions around the aim of achieving this kind of life, focusing on eating better, doing more exercise and stressing out less. And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s high time we start to live and love life again. But remember, like a caterpillar you won’t suddenly wake up a butterfly- good things take time. Great news is that yoga helps with all these things! So let’s use this clean white slate and embark on this spiritual journey together.






Yoga can be a great antidote to the chaos, reminding you to breathe and take some time out to bond with yourself. Starting out can create a whole bunch of jitters: finding the right studio, the best gear (high-waist or capri leggings?) and determining what your true goals with yoga are, whether they’re spiritual, physical or emotional. Have no fear, Moses is here. Check out ‘Sagrada Wellness’ to kick start your adventure. It’s the perfect spot to start off your yogi lifestyle, nestled on a majestic hill in California, the area is surrounded by protected land with views that will leave you breathless.






Imagine sunny days, white sandy beaches, palm trees and a complete detox and meditation program all combined into a yoga retreat. If you ever feel like disconnecting in order to reconnect to your inner self and find peace and chillness, you will find it at ‘Zen Den Yoga Studio’ in Boca Raton, Florida. Soak in that Florida sun and get that Vitamin C you so deserve to put yourself back on track. complete the package to reset and recharge your mind, body and soul and go online and buy a pair of slides to match your bright newly found self.






Take a breath, quiet your mind and think…when was the last time you felt truly connected? We don’t mean connected to your phone, but grounded and at peace with your inner self. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on life and a crew that will help guide you there check out ‘Big Sky Yoga Retreats’. From snow-capped peaks and oasis waterfalls to glacial lakes and celeste black skies. Big sky offers a little something for everyone, from experienced to beginner yogis- and with a little twist. You’ll be tuning into the wild side by being around horses. Yup, you’ll have time to horse around while perfecting your warrior pose. So saddle up and buy a pair of womens blue slides online to go with your cowgirl attire.






Let’s face it, the outdoors sometimes isn’t for all of us, so if you want something that’ll ease you into this journey, cruz on over to ‘White Lotus Foundation’. Snuggled into a steep canyon in San Marcos Pass, the resort overlooks Santa Barbara, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. This journey will indulge your senses with gourmet vegetarian dining, an underground Hopi-style ‘Kiva’ temple and a library-media center designed by local artists. You’ll get the chill, soul-searching experience and feel like Pablo the whole way through in your cool slides.