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What Makes Perfect Vacation Slides?

What do you need out of a pair of vacation slides? Well, you need comfortable, beautiful slides that can be used at the pool, on the beach, sightseeing, partying, and hanging out. Basically what you’re looking for is all-round great slides so that you don’t have to pack a pair of shoes for every situation you might encounter on your vaycay. Whether you opt for a versatile black pair or eye-popping red slides, here are a few tips for choosing perfect vacation slides.


VayCay Slides Have to Be Healthy For Your Feet

The best vacation slides will give your feet a break from tight, uncomfortable shoes. In everyday life, you might wear high heels or tightly closed shoes. These often lack the necessary support your feet need, and can be painful, and even lead to foot injuries. For the best vaycay slides choose a pair that have thick soles, to protect your feet from impact as you walk. Make sure the slides have an arch built into the footbed, not only for comfort but for better foot health. Completely flat slides or flip flops can cause back pain, foot pain, and other health issues.


The Best Slides Have To Be Safe

You’ll probably be spending time by the pool on your vacation, so you need your perfect holiday slides to be non-slip. For slides to be slip-resistant they should have a textured under sole for extra grip. This is also great when walking on cobbled streets, or on uneven terrain. Another feature of slides that will make them vacation-friendly and safe, is sturdy straps. Whether you choose slides with one or two straps, make sure they are thick enough, and strong enough to hold your foot. You don’t want your feet slipping and sliding as you walk by the lifeguards.




Vacation Slides Have To Be Comfortable

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of vaycay-ready slides, after all, you’re supposed to be relaxing. Some companies recommend getting one size up from your regular size if you prefer a looser fit, and one size down if you’re more comfortable in slides that hug your feet tightly. Make sure you buy from a reputable slides company with an easy exchange policy so that you can change your slides if they’re not the right size. To make slides extra comfy, why not wear socks with them! Yes, it’s ok, all the celebs are doing it! And anyway, you’re on vacation.


Glitter-Covered, Velvet, Floral, or Red Slides - They Have to Be Beautiful

Luckily slides are reasonably priced, so you can probably afford to take a couple of different styles and colors on your vacation. Get slides from a brand like Freedom Moses which has endless color and design choices. You’re on vacation so why not have some fun with a pair of polka dot slides, faux fur slides, red slides, floral pattern slides, or slides with little pictures of lemons all over them! Basic black slides are always useful to have, but for a vacation, you can wear colorful slides with every outfit.


Slides Have to Be Versatile

You don’t want to take twenty pairs of slides on your trip, so choose ones that you can wear with various outfits. These days anything goes, so whether you love red slides and want to wear them everywhere you go, or if you prefer a different color for each occasion - it’s up to you. Slides are one of the most versatile types of vacation shoes. You can wear them to the pool and stay in the same pair for sightseeing, shopping, and dinner.




Vacation Shoes Must Be Low Maintenance

You’ll be on the go so you want slides that are easy to keep clean and looking good. Pick slides that can be wiped off with a cloth or are hand-washable. Choose waterproof slides that will still look great after the pool or the beach. You don’t want to spend your vaycay polishing fancy slides. Some slides have buckles, buttons, bells, and whistles, but you don’t want to keep all those bits and pieces maintained when you’re trying to unwind. So, go for a simple design that won’t use up your valuable downtime on shoe maintenance.


Top Vacation-Friendly Slides Have to Be Ethically Made

Even though you’re on vacation you still have to think of the environment, and its inhabitants. It’s not cool to hurt anyone or anything while you’re soaking in the sun. You can do your part for the planet by getting your vacation slides from an ethical company. For example, Freedom Moses slides are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Our factories are audited regularly to ensure that employees are paid a fair wage and treated equally and fairly. We are committed to reducing the company’s impact on the environment, and Freedom Moses is evolving to create a fully sustainable product. Our slides are made from PCU, a recyclable form of plastic. We also embrace diversity and all our stunning slides are ageless and genderless.